July 7, 2016


UNA Smart is a startup company founded by grad students at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) that aims to revolutionize the way people experience coffee. UNA is developing a smart, sustainable and portable coffee maker, that will allow users to brew their own coffee and tea on-the-go, that means anywhere and anytime. With a mobile app, users will be able to set timers for their coffee to be ready, track daily consumption, track caffeine intake, buy coffee for their friends, and reorder UNA Coffee Pods automatically when the UNA Coffee Maker identifies that they are running low of coffee. UNA is focusing on real sustainability problems, offering an alternative to the non-environmental friendly K-cups. Being greener, the biodegradable coffee pods will offer the best of the Brazilian coffee.

Here is US, there are almost 34 million people that drink coffee “on-the-go”. Each one of those US residents are spending over 1000 dollars and 100 hours per year just going out to buy coffee. Adding to that we are fostering a major environmental problem since just last year almost 10 billion K-cups and more than 50 billion disposable cups ended up in landfills. Being greener, the biodegradable coffee pods will offer the best of the Brazilian coffee.

UNA is really easy to use,  you just need to fill with any temperature water, insert a UNA’s biodegradable coffee pod, hit a button either in the coffee maker or in the mobile app, and within a few minutes the coffee will be ready!

The UNA team has participated of important initiatives and conquered valuable respect among the rochesterian entrepreneur community, specially the among the ROC tech-related ventures. UNA was semi-finalist of the New York Business Plan Competition (NYBPC), finalist of the Saunders Business Model Competition (SBMC), and was selected to participate of the Saunders Summer Startup Program (SSS 2015), where the team conquered a bonus for the management performance in the program, and also a workspace at RIT. In April UNA will be at eMERGE Americas (400 applicants, 100 in the university track, we are among the 30 that will present in the conference). Also UNA made it to the second round of the NYBPC 2016.

UNA in portuguese means UNIFY, so we are unifying everything you need to brew, carry and drink your coffee, and in the same time reduce your environmental impact.

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